Cicada Comedy

We learned earlier this year that there was a cycle of cicadas that was supposed to hatch, and that there are actually many different cycles that hatch at different intervals, so back in 2004 or 2005 when I was in D.C. I didn’t have to be so sad for Sugar to see the cicadas go. I thought they only came every 17 years and that  Sugar would never see them again.

Last year she got a good crop. And now they’re back. On Friday, Sherpa and I were on a ride when I noticed several cicadas on the path.

“Sugar’s going to be so excited!” I gushed.

Wanna go out there, wanna go out there...

Yes. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: The dog LOVES eating cicadas. Sherpa didn’t experience the full force of the dog’s obsession with cicadas last year because we weren’t living together. But once she realizes they’re out there, she actually becomes animated. After dark (hell, any time) she will wait with her nose on the door until you let her out to inspect any area with a porch or patio light. I’ve seen her actually leap in the air and nab cicadas in flight. They make an awful buzzing sound while she happily chomps away.

I definitely created a monster when I showed her all those years ago that she could eat them.

Sherpa found the first one on our porch on Saturday. He gleefully directed the dog to it, and her cicada switch flipped. Since then she has been waiting at either the front or back door whenever we are around.

When we took a break from cicada hunting, she stood and stared, wagging her tail furiously.

Last night, things escalated. Sherpa saw a cicada flying around the back patio light. We opened the door and were excitedly trying to get the dog to catch it when it flew INTO the house. It started to careen all around the first floor, bouncing off the walls. We became a vision of an old silent film comedy. Imagine the cicada, me, Sherpa, and the dog, all running in circles around the house, ducking, falling over things, he and I getting spooked when we lose and find the thing again. We turned lights off strategically to lure it to one place. Come on, Sugar! Get it! GET IT!  Seeing that she wouldn’t be catching it without our help, Sherpa made it his mission to get the bug.

He got out chopsticks (his go-to Asian MacGuyver tool) and was trying to fish it out of a lamp when he fell off the couch. Then he knocked a picture off the wall and caught the corner of it with the top of his bare foot. Things weren’t quite so funny anymore.

We practically ripped the curtains off the dining room window when we’d find the bug in there and it would buzz our faces as it flew away. Sugar hopped around, following us closely, wanting her treat.

Finally, and I don’t know how, Sherpa caught it with his fingers. TRIUMPH! The dog was ready. He presented it to the princess and WHOMP! She grabbed it. Sherpa recoiled from the beast.

“OW!” … she bit his finger.