Thanks for the Memories

This is just a short little homage to my grandmother, since this photo popped up in my memories. Here’s a photo of my Grammy giving me a bottle. She died 5 years ago yesterday. I like to send out special vibes in her memory at Thanksgiving, and this year I need to remind myself that there is good in the world. She loved her family and always hosted lavish holiday meals to show it. (Of course, my favorite thing was the gelatinous canned cranberry stuff, but I digress.) Her Thanksgiving table had something for everyone. She made sure the appetizers included huge pitted black olives so I could eat them off my fingers, and baby corn because I obviously loved eating it like corn on the cob. Turkey AND ham because not everyone liked turkey. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Shoo-fly pie for God knows who, and grasshopper pie for my uncle. Then she’d regale us with the same stable of stories she liked to tell at family meals, like how Grampy saw Pete Fountain live while he was traveling with the Army and called her from the show to tell her. And as you can tell from the photo, she was always meticulously put together. I’m grateful for the Memories of her and for being able to spend quality time with family this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


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