Best Marriage Advice? Your Best Friend Is You

I just read a short piece in Nat Geo Traveler magazine where the author interviewed the Dalai Lama, source of endless wisdom, about travel, life, and happiness. The Dalai Lama said that the key to happiness is a healthy body and a happy mind. And, most importantly,

“Remember that your best, most reliable friend is your own intelligence and your own warmheartedness.”

I admit that I can easily fall into a hole of bitterness and so this was a good reminder. For years I’ve ascribed to the saying, “The only person who will never leave you is you.” But that ends up sounding sort of melodramatic. Maybe I can take a page from the Dalai Lama’s book and reframe it his way.

I also think this is good advice for me, as someone getting remarried in a week. By being my own best friend I’m hoping to be a good partner. And I will say I’m always working on a happy mind because because you get out of life what you put in. “Warmheartedness” spreads out around you (and the opposite is true). I can’t wait for our simple little celebration and to give this marriage thing my best shot.


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