Amateur Nail Polish Modeling

Another thing Craig and I have in common (in addition to the bulldogs as I described in my last post) is that we both have a work-with-your-hands side business.

Craig runs Candeo Colors, which makes glitter nail polish (and, if you didn’t know, I make wall-hanging jewelry organizers). In the last few months I’ve become the Candeo Colors Facebook maven. If you’ve liked the Facebook page, you’ve more than likely seen a photo I took of my own nails after doing my own glitter manicure. It’s been fun, considering I have always been a fan of fun nail art and manicures. I have even ended up the unofficial manicurist at friends’ weddings.

But for as fun as it is to play with the polishes and as good as the final photos I end up posting might look (if they look good at all) it’s not so easy to take photos of your nails with one hand while “modeling” with the other. Here’s how you do it:

Hold the polish bottle in your left hand. Don’t squeeze it too tightly or your fingers will look squished and crazy. Lightly hold the bottle and line your fingers up perfectly along the side of the bottle. Whoops, you need to turn the bottle to show the logo. OK, now start over with the lightly gripping and perfect finger placement. Now find good light. If it’s daytime you can go to the window or outside and use daylight.

If not, you might get away with putting your hand against the bathroom wall directly under the lights if you can climb onto the sink. Now while you’re balanced on the bathroom vanity, start over with the gripping/positioning of the bottle. You might want to hold your breath for that part like I do. Now with one hand get to the camera on your cell phone, and don’t drop the phone while you focus and take a photo. You’ve probably moved your fingers on the bottle so you’ll need to redo that again. And don’t let your hand look wrinkly. Check the photo for dogs, trash cans, dirty dishes, moldy fence, or anything, really, in the background. How does it look? Yikes, what’s up with your cuticles? Maybe you need some cuticle oil and then you can try again. NAILED IT … ?


Wait, what? Your hand looks terrifying, like it’s made of cold, oily clay. Wipe some of that junk off and take 50 more photos in every conceivable location you can find. And for the love of everything holy, don’t get any of your horrifying palm and wrist in the shot. If you’re lucky, you’ll finally get something passable.



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