Blended Bulldog Family

Since my last post to The Satisfied Mind, I moved – again. I counted up the moves, big and small, that I’ve made since graduating college in 2002, and the final count is 11. I have moved ELEVEN times in 14 years.

This move, fortunately, was a very happy one – lucky eleven? – and it also produced what we can call a blended bulldog family. Craig and I both brought an English bulldog into this partnership, and they have now lived together a full month already. McKinley is Craig’s dog, and Arthur is mine. I find it funny that we both unintentionally used U.S. Presidents’ names for our dogs.



They spent time together before and got along fine at my or his house when one or the other of us was away, and they survived the road trip and vacation to Michigan, but now that they have lived together a while, McKinley has gotten really attached to Arthur:


Arthur turned 13 last week, which is pretty impressive for a bulldog, but he’s showing his age. He’s having trouble standing and walking, and McKinley follows him around, sits on or next to him and guards him, rests her head on him, or grooms him while he sleeps. A couple of times soon after I moved in I took him for a walk out in front and didn’t bring her along, then left for work and she expressed her disapproval of that by eating my (ONLY my) stuff – records, my choir folder, the kitchen table. I’ve learned. Really the best times are when she backs up toward him and balances her back end on him while he’s on his bed. He is never fazed by any of this. I’ve never had dogs that enjoyed this kind of togetherness – it’s really adorable.

Now that my guy is so wobbly I’ve been afraid he’d fall and be stuck on the floor, so we’ve started making modifications to the house. We moved the area rugs around so he has better traction, and Craig and his dad built us a ramp for the step out to the back yard. And the crowning jewel? Craig installed a Dropcam.

Yes, we now have a doggie cam. I do not know when or if the novelty will wear off. I can log in at any time to see how and what they’re doing (so far, it’s been sleeping) and make sure Arthur hasn’t fallen and can’t get up. It’s even got night vision so I can watch them sleep any time of night or day. I feel like we might be turning into caricatures straight out of Best in Show.

But seriously… night vision of the bulldog pile.



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