Slow Song Mix Tape, 1996

PhotoGrid_1404090352112Here’s another in the series of posts in which I share a playlist of songs to immortalize an old cassette tape that I unearth. Tonight I visited the sauna that is my attic to do some consolidating, and I found this tape.

As I’ve said before, over the years and out of necessity I’ve turned from a keeper to a thrower, except in the case of some of the more sentimental keepsakes. But I don’t need this cassette. I do, however, want to hang on to the list of songs, because I’m nostalgic and listening to these songs sends me right back to that pink-walled bedroom of my youth, which I will never see again. So I made a Spotify playlist (N.B. that the Beatles and Peter Gabriel aren’t available on Spotify, so this isn’t completely faithful to the original tape).

What was the purpose of this mix? I would bet that in my 15-year-old mind there was a glimmer of hope that someday I would play this mix for a boy in a romantic attempt at baring my soul. But we all know I just used this to serenade myself.

Mock it, love it, sing along with it, do with this list as you will. I still love most of these songs 18 years later!


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