Use of French Major for Work Purpose

I finally did it! I used my French major for work.

The ice storm of 2014 has really put a hurting on the Philly suburbs – power outages still a problem almost a week later. After 4 days of being shut in my house I was ready to get back in to the office this morning. I figured the downed trees from yesterday would have been cleared. I drove around town for an hour, running into deadlocked traffic here, accidents  there, closed roads everywhere I turned. I gave up and went back home after an hour. I thought I’d give the one road I hadn’t tried a shot at lunchtime.

So in my last ditch effort to drive to the office, I ran into yet another road blocked by cones – the road was clear and beyond the cones there was a cherry picker parked to the side. I decided to get out of my car and find someone to beg to let me drive by.

I walked up to the cab and found two guys inside, asleep. One of them woke up and opened the door. I asked if I could get by. He shrugged and said, “I speak French.”


I speak French! Je parle Francais!” He was of course shocked, as was the other guy who I guess also only spoke French. And then I am sure I spoke like a two-year-old as I tried to recall the words I needed to say, I need to get by. He said, don’t worry, take this little road here – it’ll turn to the left and meet up again.

So, I used my French to get to work, even though it was just to help me get there. I wonder if this is as close as I’ll ever get to making professional use of my degree.


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