The Internet Brought Me a Magical Gift of Family

This blog is random, I know. It’s a bunch of stories about things that either excite or amuse me, and I hope it does the same for you at least occasionally. So here’s another post about something that really, really excited me recently.

A little back story: I used to have a different blog, and a distant relative who has an interest in genealogy found me when poking around the internet looking for info on my grandfather and found a post I wrote about our Michigan house. He and I have since become Facebook friends and I get to see interesting posts of clippings of newspaper articles and photos about life in Germany and Ohio about my extended family/ancestors.

Well, here’s another gift the internet brought: Back a few years ago I wrote a blog post about my mother’s parents, Fritz Krueger and Margaret Krueger, and the digital recordings we have of their musical performances. Well, in October of this year I got a comment on that blog post from someone named Mary:
Fritz Krueger

Hi from “almost a relative.” I called your grandparents Aunt Margaret and Uncle Fritz. They were very much part of my growing up years. He sang at our wedding. Heaven! I was thrilled to read your blog and then to listen to the recordings after all these years. I have those same arias on old 78′s and have wanted to convert them for many years. My parents were medical missionaries in China at the same time your Granddad was there. I think he was 18. I have some wonderful pictures which I could email you if you like. Please say hello to Karen and Johnnie Fritz. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m not sure how Mary found my post, but I connected with her by email and she emailed me photos that she scanned from family albums of when my grandfather went to China on the same boat with her parents. The photos are amazing. I’ll post one in particular, of my grandfather at age 18, making a very distinctly “Jen” face. I pulled the photo up on my laptop and made the face for my friend Barb who I think agreed that it’s uncanny. Then again, he is my grandfather, but that Krueger nose has persisted through generations.

SilkMary and I have continued sending emails back and forth, and she also mentioned a piece of hand-dyed silk that my grandfather had given to her sister (from China? From his family in India? We’re still not sure.). Then she offered to send it to me! I gave her my address and yesterday it arrived in the mail! How amazing is this? Because of a random internet search, I was connected to my grandfather in a way I never would have been.


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