In Appreciation of the Veterinarian

I recently read a blog post shared by a friend that was written by a veterinarian about what it’s like to be a vet. It really moved me to read her perspective and reminded me of my experience with my vets and Sugar, so I wanted to share a little tribute to the vets at the practice where I have had Sugar (and Arthur) for the last few years.

I’m not sure if they would be comfortable with my naming them, so I’ll call them Dr. A and Dr. B: Dr. A being the owner of the practice and Dr. B being the vet who joined the practice maybe 2 years ago as a new veterinarian. It has turned out that the dogs and I hit it off with Dr. B and started seeing only her when possible. She always fawned over my Sugar, which of course makes any dog owner feel great, but Sugar was never overtly friendly – very loving, yes, but quiet and not one to come running to you, so having Dr. B love on my dog was special. And then when we got Arthur, OH BOY, she totally fell for him. I brought him in for the first time and she literally gave me a round of applause for adopting a senior English bulldog.

So anyway, I saw Dr. A when Sugar started really going downhill and it was starting to occur to me that the end of her life was approaching. I was going through quite a lot of stress in September and this was a particularly horrific weekend. I cried the entire time Sugar and I were at the vet. The tech came in for intake information, and I had to begin with, “Sorry, I’m going to have to cry through this whole conversation.” Dr. A came in – with a shadowing student, of course… poor dude – and I cried and cried, and he said, we’ll take care of her! And you! It’ll all be OK.

So when the final day came for Sugar, we had the appointment with Dr. B. She came in and was clearly so sad for us. I could see she was taking deep breaths and trying not to fall apart, and she did an amazing job of being respectful and caring for us. I couldn’t have done it nearly so well. And I just had to hug her when it was over. When I brought Arthur in for something else soon after, she was sitting on the floor with him and said she was sorry about Sugar again, and that she’d gone home and cried and drank that night.

Dr. A even found me on LinkedIn after the day with Sugar to see how I was doing. These vets are one of the reasons I decided to stay in this town even before Sugar died, and now I’m even more glad I did.


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