A Cyclist Tries Running

I am truly a lover of the sport of cycling. I don’t follow sports aside from a bit of baseball, but I do read about and follow cycling, because I have put a few miles on the bike and I have a bit of an understanding of it.

I also have always said that I am not a runner. I have spent short periods of time jogging for exercise until my knees bother me enough that I give up. The last time I jogged outside was about 5 years ago, which included being pooped on by a bird, so that didn’t go all that well. Cycling has not let me down – no knee pain, no bird poop, and I can fly at up to 40 mph, which is quite awesome.

So I am not sure what possessed me to sign up for the Color Run 5K in Philly, except that it sounded like so much fun and a good friend wanted to do it with me. I got a couch-to-5K app and started training.

It wasn’t so bad on the treadmill or the track at the gym, but then I did a run outside. What?! I felt like I was moving through Jell-O. The scenery almost seem to be passing by in slow motion. I realized after that I am spoiled by cycling. It doesn’t take much effort to get going fast. Running, I almost feel like I’m going more slowly than when I’m walking.

I’m also using a brace and ice and my Brooks shoes, but the knees are still hurting. Some people say I’ll get addicted, but I just want to get through training so I can enjoy the 5K and get back on my bike.


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