Just Another Day on the Bike

Sherpa and I have been taking advantage of the early spring by getting out on the bikes much earlier than usual. A couple of Fridays ago I got some extra hours in at work so I could cut out early on a beautiful Friday afternoon and we got on the road at about 5 p.m. Our planning for evening rides goes a little like this:

Me: Sunset is at 7:24.

Sherpa: So we have until 7:40 until we’re really in trouble.

Me: We have until 7:24 until you’re really in trouble.

This is funny now, but wasn’t funny two years ago when we went for a ride in the evening from his house and I expected that he’d turn us around and get us home before dark. Well, turned out I was the one to mention that the sun was setting and he seemed nonplussed. I am much more wary (TERRIFIED) of cycling in the dark than he is, and he doesn’t even call pitch blackness dark. It’s “mostly dark.” Mostly dark! Bah.

I digress. This ride was great, and full of surprises, as all bike rides tend to be. We dodged Canadian geese, we rode through what I call “Spring snow,” or falling cherry blossom petals, we pulled up at a red light and saw that in the car next to us was Sherpa’s business partner’s wife. We rode another few miles and hooked up to the bike path and ran into another friend of ours riding the path, who we then rode with for a few miles. I managed to pull Sherpa at 21 mph for a good few miles after that.

We stopped in front of the house at 7:30 and the sun was giving us a beautiful show. Just another day on the bike, and I love it. We’re really ironing out our cycling differences and Sherpa is convinced that we can do the MS City to Shore at an average of 19 mph this year. I keep shaking my head at him, but he says I underestimate myself. Anything’s possible, I guess…


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