Hola de Barthelona!

This is a completely amazing city. The only complaint we’ve had is about the driving. The number of mopeds and motorcycles here has to at least equal the number of cars, and they’re completely out of control. Once we managed not to kill anyone getting to the hotel, things perked up immensely. We have been really enjoying the Spanish wines – I hate to admit it, but I think I prefer them to French wines.

We are staying in a more residential neighborhood called Gracia, but the metro is at the end of the block and gets you anywhere in minutes. Dinner last night was in our ‘hood at a place recommended to us as local. The owners actually asked, “Why did you come here? Usually it is just people from Barcelona.” They also happened to have a brother who lives in Lancaster. Small world. Oh, ad before dinner we stopped somewhere and had grilled snails, which you pull out of the shells with a little wooden skewer. The first one or two were a little jarring texture wise, but then they were good.

We had a hilariously raucous night out with two girls we met while wandering around after dinner – one Argentinian and one Irish – who had lived together in Barcelona and were having a little reunion. They showed us to Quatre Gats, and we were among a great, friendly crowd of people from all over the globe.

Today was a touristy day, interspersed with tapas at regular intervals. We even ha out sketch done on La Rambla, the big main drag where the center of the road is a wide walking area with street performers and florists and other vendors. Like people selling baby bunnies.

Anyway, here’s our photo. It was actually really fun to see the reactions on people’s faces as they walked by during our little portrait session.



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