Observations in France

Well it turns out it’s not too hard to post from the hotel, and somehow my excitement has won out over my exhaustion and I’m awake already this morning. Yesterday we flew over the pond and had about 2 hours’ sleep, then we got the rental car – ironically a Ford Focus – and hit the road for Grenoble. I cried in the parking lot of the rest stop when Sherpa finally tired out and it was time for me to drive. But I pulled it together and drove a stick shift diesel about 100 miles before literally jumping out when we reached a toll booth.

The first thing I ate was a Lion candy bar, my favorite from my time in Grenoble, and it wasn’t quite the same but it was chocolate and it was French so I can’t complain. I will complain about having to pee over a hole in the floor, though.

Sherpa did an amazing job of navigating the INSANE Grenoble streets. We had a drink at a bar with walls covered with photos of communist leaders, which made Sherpa regret that he didn’t bring his Mao watch with the waving arm second hand.

Dinner was raclette at La Fondue, and it was EXCELLENT. Then we visited my old watering hole, Le Couche Tard (loosely translated is night owl). We were early and no one was there yet, so we just drank and chatted with the bartender and had an awesome time brushing the rust off the French. Aside from the funny verb tenses, everything’s coming right back, and Sherpa’s catching on really fast. I am so proud!



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