European Vacation With a Sherpa

I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I haven’t been to Europe since celebrating New Year’s there in December/January 2001/2002, more than ten years ago. And the last visit was really an incredible blur for some scary personal reasons.

And THEN, my ex husband did not want to travel to Europe with me, because I am fluent in French and he felt he’d be lost while I was having a grand old time using my French. Or he couldn’t get off work. Or some junk like that. Everything was an excuse. So there went a bunch of years. And then I spent a few years doing the divorce thing and getting my financial feet under me.

Now excuses are a thing of the past! Sherpa and I both love to travel and we saved up and I am now counting down the hours to my first real French coffee and French baguette and French cheese (the list goes on) in ten years. It’s been an incredibly stressful few months, so much so that I have hardly remembered that I even had a blog. So I haven’t shared my excitement here yet. But maybe I’ll be able to blog while we’re traveling. We’ll see.

We are renting a car. I learned how to drive a stickshift for this purpose and I am terrified. I’ve been using to brush up on my French. Sherpa has been practicing with me. We’ve been going over phrases while we cook and eat dinners. I say things and he tries to translate to English.

“Je ne peux pas conduire cette voiture,” I say. (I can’t drive this car.)

When he finally figures it out, he says, “No, you just don’t WANT to drive the car!”

One more funny Sherpa story to leave you with before the journey begins: I was reminded and amused by our age difference last night as I was organizing music to bring on the trip. He says, “Make sure there’s a lot of good upbeat driving music…

[wait for it]

… like the Cranberries.”

Eh bien, on y va!


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