Figuring Santa Out

I’ll tell you the story about how I “found out” about Santa. I don’t remember doing this, I’ve only heard tell from my parents, so I must have been pretty young.

I also must have gotten a clue from my brothers, who were teenagers during my “Santa years.” They were ruthless about teasing me, since they couldn’t in good conscience pummel me like they did one another as kids, and I bet they said something to plant the seeds of doubt in my mind.

In any case, I wanted to know the truth, so I told my parents that I had told Santa — and ONLY Santa — what I wanted for Christmas, so if I never got the gift I’d know what was up. So, they caved, and that year I got the “Yes, Virginia” card on top of what I ended up telling my parents I wanted.

How did it happen for you?

From the family album: Me and the brothers, Christmas morning, likely a year or two before I figured it all out.

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