Lucky Elevens

I don’t know why, but for as long as I can remember, the time 11:11 has given me a warm fuzzy feeling. Through my childhood, I would yell, “11:11! Make a wish!” whenever I saw it. Something about it being a rare moment on the clock made it special to me. And I still get a little boost in my day when I see it as an adult. The number 11 has snaked its way into user names and email addresses I’ve had over the years. So, this day is a momentous one for me. Not again in my lifetime will I see November 11 of the 11th year of the century. I am celebrating everything eleven!

Seems that there are some nutty theories about the “11:11 Phenomenon” or some such out there, and I’m not a subscriber to those; I just find it fun to take a second to get my brain off whatever distracted path it’s on for a moment in my day.

Happy 11/11/11 at 11:11! Make a big wish. My wishes are more about goals, including the following:

1. Spend more time working on Murami.

2. Start going to the gym again. Support my own health.

3. Improve my “greenness” at home in terms of trash, recycling, and cleaning supplies. In general, support the health of the environment.

4. Make more time for friends and family.

I notice that these goals have a lot to do with time. Maybe the 11:11 Phenomenon has something to do with inserting an extra hour into my day? After all, if you just make it go to 11, you get one more…


One thought on “Lucky Elevens”

  1. I like all of these wishes/goals! Good for you, Chicken!!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there tonight to help celebrate 11/11/11 at 11:11!
    Love you! xoxo

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