Big Cat, Small Cat

This is a story from my life only in that these are topics of conversation I’ve had in the last week that have caused uproarious laughter. Like the kind that ends with wiping of teary eyes and some sort of loud sigh.

1. Big Cat: I don’t feel like fact-checking this (if you do, and you find it, please comment with a link), but a friend told Sherpa and me that he watched a TV show about a man who goes into the jungle to try to tame big cats, and the only tool he uses is a big stick. Apparently he trains by swinging something on a rope and jabbing the stick at it, so that if a big cat ever lunges, he can gag the cat with the stick. We retold this story to another friend, who imagined that the man planned to put a stick it its mouth Looney Tunes style, like, to prop its mouth open, and he erupted into laughter I’d never seen from him before. It was wonderful.

2. Small Cat: A friend was bitten by a cat and had to be treated at the emergency department. This is not funny, except that the cat’s name was Edward Scissorhands. I told this to another friend on the phone, and again I was treated to uncontrolled laughter. It was wonderful.


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