Performing the National Anthem

Well this is pretty fantastic. I crossed something off my bucket list last night that I had never even dreamed of adding to it!

I — with my choir — performed the national anthem at a Phillies game. The experience was incredibly fun. We got to travel into the bowels of the stadium, get ready in a locker room, and then march out onto the field — THE PHILLIES BALL FIELD — and sing.

Much of it is a blur, and I was pretty nervous, but I do have a clear memory of watching my sneakers crunch on that red dirt, then stepping on to the grass, and seeing friends with tears in their eyes they were so happy to be there, and then hearing our voices reverberate back to us and thinking, “Man, there’s a really great choir singing somewhere!”

Choir members were allowed to buy tickets at a discount, so I had a bunch of groupies along who cheered me on from the stands while we sang. Sherpa took a video, and I’ve already loaded it in to YouTube. Then we stayed for the game, much of which I spent coming down off the adrenaline high.

I’m so glad I got involved with this choir. Unbelievable night!

So, for your enjoyment, here we are singing our national anthem!


3 thoughts on “Performing the National Anthem”

  1. Absolutely amazing Jen! I’m so happy for you. (and on a side note, how did you get involved with this choir? I’d love to get involved with something like this.)

  2. Michelle, the choir was created by the DHS choir director and is now directed by a DHS alum. You can look up Pennsylvania Academy of Performing Arts on Facebook – auditions for the winter choir will be soon!

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