We’re Getting a Dog!

With all the insanity we have been enduring with home renovations, I have had one positive goal always in the back of my mind: to finally get the English bulldog I have wanted for so long.

This morning, I couldn’t stop myself. I went to Petfinder.com, and found myself a 7-year-old male bulldog whose owner had gotten sick and couldn’t take care of him anymore. He is adorable! And then there I was, filling out an application for adoption. And then there I was, on the phone finalizing adoption details.

At least, that’s what I told Sherpa when I sent him a link to the dog on Facebook.

“Are you serious? Isn’t getting a dog something we should talk about before we do it?”

I got you! April Fool’s! I’m in trouble now. I know I’m in for something.

And it is really, truly not the time for me to be getting a dog. Mister Sensible is right – as much as we both love dogs, we are strapped for cash until my condo sells, and bulldogs are prone to health problems. Not to mention we’re spoiled by how easy Shug is to care for, even with her diabolical food adventures. And I haven’t even talked to Sugar about whether she would be OK with it.

Now, that’s not to say that that dog isn’t real. He is real, and I wish I could adopt him, along with every bulldog I ogle from time to time. I also urge you to adopt if you’re thinking about getting a pet. I plan to, when the time is right for another dog. (Like tomorrow. I mean, next week. I mean, WHEN WE INSTALL A FENCE.)


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