The Spreadsheet

I offer up this story as a piece of good advice for any couples considering moving in together, especially those who might be a little older, with a lot of stuff.

Turns out my current roommate has decided to take the plunge and move in with her boyfriend. I was sad to hear it, because she’s so fabulous. I put a new ad in on, trying to block out the memories of Vladimir. When I mentioned this at my brother’s Super Bowl party a week later, my sister-in-law asked what I was going to do. I said I would probably look for a new roommate. She blurted, “Oh, Jen, come on, just move in with Sherpa already.” He and I looked at one another and shrugged. My brother said, “What have you two decided about that?” He said, “Well, honestly, this is the first we’ve talked about it.”

And now the decision has been made! I’m moving in.  He said he’s wanted us to live together for a while, but didn’t want to rain on the “Independent Jen” parade. I admit I’ll miss having my own place, but I’m really looking forward to sharing a place with him. He’s never lived with a girlfriend before (MWA HA HA HA), yet he has been so completely accommodating as we plan.

And I mean PLAN. A couple of days after we decided I’d move in to his house, he shared a spreadsheet with me on Google Docs. In it is a page for every room of his house, with columns for furniture items, current location, planned location, “degree of desire,” notes, and moving considerations. Hilarious. Degree of desire! Ha!

I have done my part and filled my share out, and the spreadsheet has turned into rather a life-planning document, with pages for flooring project planing, costs for moving, potential future home improvement projects (that include fencing if there is to be another dog someday!). It’s actually been quite helpful!

I told my best friend about the spreadsheet, and added, “Well, I guess now that there’s a spreadsheet, I’d better tell my mother.”


4 thoughts on “The Spreadsheet”

  1. Congrats Jen! So excited for you!

    BTW, we have done a Google spreadsheet for almost every major thing in our lives, including:

    1) Wedding planning

    2) Tracking my temps pre-pregnancy and then my pregnancy weight with Jules

    3) Purchasing our new house – this we shared with our realtor who found it incredibly helpful to see the notes we added about what we liked and didn’t like about the houses we saw, plus he was able to track the “contenders” vs the “not-rights”.

    4) Finance tracking and retirement planning

    It’s been a LIFESAVER for us and I bet you’ll find that to be the case for you too!

  2. I knew it! So, does the spreadsheet include an algorithm for maximizing utility? I mean, since there’s a “degree of desire” entry, you should be able to come with a mathematical formula for determining the “best” arrangement.

  3. Congrats, Jen!! (And to Sherpa!) I love the Google Doc organized with the “degree of desire”– too funny! And what a great idea! 🙂 I’m a huge fan of those shared spreadsheets– just ask Jimmy, he’ll probably say I overuse them– but they’re so completely useful.

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