How to Electrocute Your Boyfriend

Step 1: Run lots of space heaters, and overtax your wiring.

Step 2: Shrug helplessly when roommate says,  “Oooh, guys, this outlet feels kinda warm…”

Step 3: Look to Boyfriend to take the reins as Mr. Fix-It (Asian MacGyver, in this case).

Step 4: Plug lamp into socket and yell OK when he flips off the right fuse.

Step 5: Stand over him with flashlight while he takes apart the socket.

Step 6: Drop jaw to floor when he jumps and yells “THAT HURT A LOT” because the outlet is apparently hooked to TWO fuses.

Step 7: Ask if he is OK.

Step 8: When he says yes, laugh and sing all songs you can think of that have the words “electric” or “electricity” in them.


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