A Trip to the Police Department

Well, this is ironic. After I wrote yesterday’s post about the anniversary of my first date with the Sherpa, in which I mentioned how funny it was that he had gotten a speeding ticket on the way to get me, he and I met for dinner. As I pulled into my parking spot, there he was walking toward the car. He hopped in and passed me a gift bag. In it was a two-sided hinged photo frame.

On the right, which is what I saw first, was the speeding ticket.

On the left, which completely blew me away, was a photo of Sherpa with a police officer.

He had gone to the station and explained that he was hoping to get a photo with the officer that had given him the ticket. The woman there had looked up which officer it was, actually radioed him, and asked him to come back to the station.

As Sherpa told me the story I could tell that at this point he was starting to regret the whole thing. He said he was terrified to see how huge and intimidating the officer was when he came in. What have I done, he thought? But when he explained it, the officer got a great laugh out of it and posed for a photo. It was really nice of him. And it makes the whole story twice as awesome!


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