Meet the Parents

I’m leaving tomorrow with El Sherpa to meet his family. I am, perhaps surprisingly to some, not nervous. That’s not to say I didn’t just read an article about meet-the-parents etiquette, but it actually made me feel even better because I could have written it myself. The basics? Don’t worry, ask questions, deflect questions to your S.O. when you don’t feel comfortable answering (i.e., don’t drop “Well we actually already ARE living together,” not that that’s an issue), bring an appropriate gift (check), don’t be hungover or get drunk (OK, so the article was for the Tyra Show and may be geared toward a younger crowd).

Anyway, I’m also not nervous because I am a seasoned veteran of “the parents.” I may not have known what to do almost 9 years ago at the tender age of 21 when my future parents-in-law launched a full-on Meet the Fockers assault on me, but now I’ve seen it all.

So, Sherpa is asking if I’m nervous, and I say no. I’m not. I can’t wait to meet them!


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