You Found Me

I had a really odd, unexpected, interesting thing happen to me last week. I got an email at work from someone I didn’t know, titled “Your 2005 blog ‘Michigan.'” I am in the habit of indiscriminately deleting odd-looking emails, because I don’t have time to scrutinize every one, so I almost deleted this without thinking. And I very rarely get non-work-related emails at work. Then the light came on – this email truly must be for me, I thought, especially now that I see the author’s last name is the same as my grandmother’s maiden name.

Well, I was right to read it – the message was from a distant cousin of mine who lives in Ohio and found me via an old blog post, in an OLD blog (like, from when I was married). He claims that he had to work pretty hard to find me, and I believe him – when I wrote that post I had a different last name and didn’t mention any last names, anyway, aside from my late grandfather’s. I barely gave up enough info about myself to tell anything, but he guessed my (maiden) last name because of another blog post, and then found me because I had called myself an editor in a blog profile. He said he’s the grandson of my great-grandfather’s brother (my great-grandfather being the one who bought the Michigan house), and he’s been doing research into the family tree. Maybe it’s a teense disconcerting that he did find me, but I’m still glad he did.

Anyway, he was so thrilled to read what I’d written about the Michigan house, and asked his own mother about it, who said she fondly remembered visiting the house when she was very young.

We’ve been exchanging messages and he uploaded photos to Facebook of newspaper articles from 1925 about my great-grandfather’s house burning down (ironically, moments after the family discussed more thoroughly insuring the house). And I learned that some of my family came to the States from Basel, Germany, around 1830. And another cousin of mine wrote a book about the family.

This would totally count as something for 1000 Awesome Things!


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