Well, I made it. The big 3-oh.

I couldn’t have had a better time! My family and friends and El Sherpa threw me a big party the weekend before by birthday, complete with catered food, a bartender, and a photo slideshow set to music that my niece helped make and was super excited to have me watch. My niece also made me a necklace (“Aunt Jen likes necklaces with big beads!”). My nephews made me keychains. They all made me handmade cards. I got other lovely goodies from other lovely people!

Noodle got her first taste of watermelon!

And Sherpa got me my very first iPhone! Then he drove me home and I passed out in the car.

And this past weekend, the birthday weekend, I went out with another bunch, most of which couldn’t make it to party #1, to a whiskey bar in Philly, Village Whiskey. It was amazing and so was the food (um, hello, duck-fat fries and pickled beets!). And the company!

My beautiful friend Charlotte!

Then we stopped by a prohibition-era-themed bar down the street, Franklin, which serves all sorts of amazing cocktails with hand-chipped ice.

Then we went to a wine bar, Tinto. Then Sherpa drove me home and I passed out in the car.  (Thanks, babe!)

Then, to prove I can still do something with my body (still not riding Andie yet), Sherpa and another friend of ours took me rock climbing for the first time on my actual birthday. There were no photos taken of me, thank god, but I snapped this with Sherpa’s phone:


So this post was an incongruous mix of infants and alcohol and boulders. Such is my life.


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