Lightning Bugs

I wanted to write a little homage to the lightning bug.You might also call them fireflies, and I do now, too, since I’m a “grownup” and stuff.

It’s firefly season! As soon as the sun goes down, they come up out of their grassy hiding spots and flicker away, hovering a foot or two above the ground. I love them. They make a starry night out of any open lawn. I drive by a field at dusk and can’t help smiling when I see it lit up with fireflies. I can use all the smiles I can get.

And you can easily catch one by just holding a cupped hand above it. It will land on your hand and flicker a bit. It will also try to walk to the highest point before taking off again, so if you keep moving your hand and confusing the little guy, you can hang onto it for quite a while without having to “capture” it.

I used to capture them, though. The good old jar-of-lightning-bugs trick. If that’s not something in the Book of Awesome, it should be!

I was surprised to learn, when I was in high school, that fireflies don’t exist in the U.K. – a friend of mine moved to the states from England and said the only thing she’d miss when she went back home would be cheap jeans and fireflies.

I was also surprised to learn years later that there are no fireflies out west. I feel even more lucky to be able to enjoy the little sparkle bugs here in PA.


One thought on “Lightning Bugs”

  1. Good post – lightening bugs do need some recognition. They always remind me of home, so beautiful.
    I love this photo, and used it in my blog, but attached your name to it. Hope you get some extra visitors reading this week. 🙂

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