Emails From Kids

I don’t know why it tickles me so much to have gotten my first batch of emails from my two out-of-state nieces. It does. Maybe it’s because email didn’t even exist when I was 10? Oh, fine, my father would probably tell you it DID exist, just not the way we think about it now (and then he’d give you a 30-minute lesson about it). But we’re talking about the kiddies here. My oldest niece sent me this on Sunday (and I’ve resisted editing it to retain the cute factor):

Hi aunt Jen! I finally get to talk to you!
Guss what… I GOT AN iPod touch!!!
I LOVE it! I am sending you this message on it. I miss you sooooooooo
much! Please email me back!
From, [Niece One]
P.S. When is your next visit?
Sent from my iPod

And we’ve been writing back and forth since then. Then last night, I got one from Niece Two (my goddaughter), who must have wanted in on the action.


Love are cool
Sent from my iPod

NICE. Given how honest kids tend to be, I am especially honored that Nieces One and Two think I’m cool. I wonder sometimes about that.


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