Girls’ Day Out on the Bike

I am an assistant coach for the cycling team of Team in Training in my area. We raise money to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

[PLUG: This is a great program. We also have marathon and triathlon events. Team in Training has raised over $1 BILLION since its inception in 1988. Money raised has contributed to blood cancer cures (Gleevec) and is funding research, advocacy, and patient services.]

Well, we’re getting close to the next cycling event, America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride, which is a century (100 miles) around Lake Tahoe. So we’re getting to the longer rides with the team. Sunday was a long and HOT ride. We did 65 miles, and I had the pleasure of spending most of the day with three other women on the team. It’s not always the case that I end up in a group of all women, but our head coach was away and the two other men with us broke away, so this week it was team estrogen. And it was actually really nice to just have a girls day out on the bike – we talked about our training and bikes of course, but we had some nice girl talk (about dating, marriage, relationships, kids) that we probably wouldn’t have if we had been with anyone of the male persuasion. And I took a moment here and there to get a couple of photos – here’s one of the Limerick nuclear power plant.

And our new cyclist successfully/safely completed her longest ride ever. And we didn’t ever have to worry about any boys yelling back at angry drivers. ‘Cause boys tend to do that sort of stuff. Girls rule, boys drool.


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