The Rainbow Caterpillar

I had some dental surgery yesterday, and because I was a little (COMPLETELY) freaked out about being awake during it, the periodontist gave me some Valium to take beforehand. So I did. And I didn’t think it was doing anything to me. But apparently it did the trick, because after the dentist started his business, I closed my eyes and willed myself to create some kind of diversion. And I spent the first 10 minutes writing a story about a caterpillar in my head. And here it is:

There was a little brown caterpillar who lived on a tree overlooking a beautiful lake. The tree was incredibly beautiful also – it was covered in glitter and its branches were made of rainbows. Moss grew on one side of the tree, and it was bright fuschia and purple. The caterpillar felt a little drab, because he was brown on this amazing beautiful tree overlooking the lake. He crawled up the tree and munched on the rainbows, which were the best thing he’d ever tasted. He made his cocoon, and when he popped out he was the most colorful, sparkly butterfly anyone had ever seen. He thanked the tree and flew away, rainbows and sparkles streaming along behind him.

So. The valium worked.


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