Since 2006 I’ve been feeding my need to make things with my hands through a small business. It’s called Murami, and I make jewelry organizers that hang on your wall (MUR = wall, AMI = friend, in French). And I haven’t really talked about it at all here on the blog, mostly because I go through Murami tornado times (around when I do shows), and then Murami rest periods, and I haven’t had a Murami tornado since before starting this blog.

Because I do this on top of a full-time job, freelancing, and coaching the Team in Training cyclists, it’s still small. A one-woman shop. And so far I’ve really enjoyed it. I get to be crafty and play with power tools when the urge strikes. This year I started a Murami Etsy shop (which gets zero action), which I plan to really populate soon, and a Murami FB fan page. Check me out!


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