Bike Karma

I’ve been on my bike quite a bit in the last few weeks now that the weather has improved. And I finally got out on a ride with Sherpa Tenzing, which is ironic considering that when we first exchanged numbers four months ago it was to go on a bike ride.

The first ride I did with Sherpa and a friend of his ended in total darkness. Jen was not happy. NOT happy.  I almost ran straight into a deer that was standing in the middle of the trail because I couldn’t see it. And I didn’t have a light.

“But we do this all the time!” Was the Sherpa’s answer to my sour mood. I forgave him (mostly because he gives good hugs), but this week I brought my head lamp (thanks, Headlamp Fairy!) to be safe.

Well, we were done before dark this week, but because I’d pulled an April Fool’s prank on the Sherpa, there were consequences. He got into a bit of a fender bender last week, believe it or not because he was sneezing. Yes. Allergies are a bitch, it seems. Not only that but his bike got screwed up in a separate incident AND when we were trying to coordinate our arrivals back to Philly when I came home from Florida, his plane had to make an emergency landing and I ended up waiting at the Philly bag claim for four hours, until 3AM, on a Sunday night.

So my prank? Had to have something to do with transportation, and had to be something embarrassing that I did. On the way to meet him for our ride Thursday, I texted to say I’d been in an accident, was OK, but would be a little late… the look on his face in the parking lot was worth it. However…

After the ride I put Sherpa’s friend’s bike on my car, because we were all going out for some sushi and friend had ridden from work. Well… his bike is very heavy because it’s got panniers on the sides, and long story short the bike fell off my car.  I took a photo, and as you can see here she’s a little dinged up from where the pedal hit the car. The bike was hanging by the clip at the back… and unfortunately his wheel was bent. But that’s what I get for trying to get away with an April Fool’s joke.


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