Happy Alone

“You must be happy alone before you can be happy with a partner.”

I think this adage follows me. That, or the blogs/columns I read address the issue pretty often. In any case I sometimes pass this on when it seems that someone needs to hear it, because I think it’s true. But there’s more to talk about here.

Just today, Carolyn Hax addressed the issue, responding to someone who asked, “But if you’re happy alone, why not stay that way?” Read her response here (scroll past the first question) if you like, but the question is the interesting part. Why must we have a partner?

That’s where THIS video comes in. Now, this… is… awesome. I swiped this from Ms. Single Mama, who got it from a reader of hers who’s making a documentary about single women called Seeking Happily Ever After. Check it out.

I’m not single at the moment but have learned that you not only have to be happy alone before you can be happy with a partner, but you have to be happy alone while you’re with a partner… because you are the only person who is guaranteed to never leave you!


2 thoughts on “Happy Alone”

  1. I’m with the girl who says she’d like to have an international vacation each year and enough money to support herself. Cool vid, thanks for posting.

  2. I think we are brainwashed from birth that we as women have to be part of two. So to hold up my end I went from bad relationship to bad relationship until I finally realized I needed to find me. Now happily single I am finding out how much I like me.

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