Got Any Snake Cages?


Then what am I going to do with these PYTHONS?


(OK. This isn’t me. I don’t look like this. Thankfully. This is a famous bodybuilder named Cory Everson.)

That bad joke is courtesy of my brother, who probably isn’t aware of how often I use it. Maybe he wants some sort of royalty for it. Too bad.

Others I use are the old faithful “I’ve got two tickets to the gun show, and you’re invited” as well as “Is there a vet nearby? ‘Cause these puppies are SICK!”

In any case, I may have biceps but I also had lots of cookies around the holidays and my arms aren’t going to pedal my bike for as many hundreds of miles as I’ll be logging this year. So I’ve launched Operation Rocketship. Those of you who know me well will laugh; for those of you who don’t, the short version is that I once went on a terrible date with someone – a bike ride, actually – who told me that if I’d just lose 10 more pounds (after the 10 I’d already told him I’d lost), I’d be a “rocketship.”

Well I didn’t take that to heart and obviously never saw that guy again. But I’m using his word. Again with the borrowing. Whatever. I’m going to try to step up the workouts and step down with the calories. Judiciously, of course – let’s not get all crazy and think I’d give up my wine. And I love food, as does Sherpa Tenzing, but since we’re both going to be on the bike soon, we will both benefit from Operation Rocketship. Last night I made us some teriyaki salmon and those Brussels sprouts I’ve raved about.

And I’m going to bolster my iPod with some good music, including this oh-so-perfectly named mix from NPR (and the article is funny, too!): The Gun Show. Check it out!


One thought on “Got Any Snake Cages?”

  1. A rocketship? What was he – your jet fuel? Completely ridiculous! I actually laughed out loud though – did you when he said it??

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