Love Is a Mix Tape

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a little late, I wanted to point you to an NPR story: Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape.

This is an amazing love story: Sagan and Druyan started working on a recording together, purely professionally, that was going to rocket into space for the potential discovery by any other intelligent life. It was meant to represent us earthlings, and it includes everything from “hello” in hundreds of languages to one of the very first songs ever written, to the “sound” of brain waves. And during the course of their work, Ann and Carl fell in love. So, those brain waves? They were Ann’s, and she was in love. And their love story has been rocketed out into space to travel on forever. Beautiful.

I mean, TALK ABOUT a mix tape, right? I’ve made and received my fair share of mixes, starting with the very first, which included songs like “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and I Want to Know What Love Is.” I still think the mix has its merits, too. I always appreciate when someone chooses songs they love to share with me.

That’s why I so enjoyed the book Love Is a Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield, which is a lovely story about him and his wife, who passed away. I recommend it. It’s a fast read and chronicles the punk/rock/grunge music they listened to during their time together (the author is a music critic for Rolling Stone). And it really pays a nice tribute to his wife.

Also I just wanted to add that I thoroughly enjoyed my Valentine’s Day with Sherpa Tenzing, and also thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the engagement of his friends. They announced it over breakfast at their house Sunday morning. It was really nice. They seem like a happy couple. Heart!


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