Gimme Some Sugar

In honor of the upcoming ubersweet holiday, I thought I’d introduce the Satisfied Mind readers to Sugar.

I adopted Sugar in 2003 from BREW (Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare). She’s the best beagle on the planet – and I mean it – she doesn’t bark and she’s so mild. She doesn’t howl, although she used to, when she heard the answering machine. Something about the sound freaked her out. Now that no one even knows what an answering machine is anymore, the howling is no more.

Sugar used to have a cat, before she got divorced. Shug and the cat weren’t really friends, although Sugar tried. Now she rules my little roost. She’s gotten much older and whiter, and I’ve had to bump up the dog budget lately as we enter into geriatric dog phase, but she’s still the most wonderful beagle ever.


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