Introductions Are in Order

Oh, hi!

Welcome to my blog, The Satisfied Mind. This is a post to sort of explain what’s up here. I’m Jen, an almost-30 writer and editor (by trade) living near Philadelphia. This is a brand new blog, but I’m definitely not new to blogging. I’ve actually through the years started and stopped writing in four other blogs that are now defunct or have just run their course. Most notably I wrote for a long time about my divorce, and now I’m ready to get away from that and blog about what’s come out of it, with time and work – a satisfied mind. Some other things I have:

  • I have great parents and a relatively big family – three brothers, all married, and three nieces and three nephews – that I’ll probably mention along the way.
  • I have a fun, funny, smart, and eclectic group of friends – that I’ll definitely mention along the way (for starters, there’s Roomie 1.0 and Chicken, who I’ve already written about).
  • I have a small business, Murami, that I’ve been tinkering with for almost four years. I’ll write about that here, too.
  • I have an abiding love for the bike. And I mean the human-powered kind. You’ll be forced to read stuff about that as well, if you’ve got enough pity to follow this blog.
  • I bought a condo last year, and as a single homeowner I’m sure I’ll probably be mentioning the ups and downs of that endeavor.

I’ll be continuing the posts about the Happiness Project, and I encourage you to try adding one Nonrandom Act of Kindness to your day!


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